Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin rugs are the perfect styling addition to your comfy hanging chair. Our sheepskin rugs provide an evenly weight distribution and bring you soothing warmth. We sell high quality sheepskin rugs in various types such as Scandinavian, Canadian and the great Texel sheepskin rug! Sheepskins are pure nature, and each sheep is unique, so we upload pictures of every single rug in our catalog for you to make the choice of your liking.

Texel Sheepskin rugs

The wool of the breed 'Texelaar' is known for it's density and high quality. The Texel sheepskin rugs come in different colours. The  colour description of our rugs are an indication because the rugs are never completely smooth and have their own structure and fiber length. Every sheepskin rug is tanned by hand, and not one single sheep is used merely for it's rug! The rugs are a by-product.

Our collection of sheepskins rugs is updated weekly.