Childrens hanging chairs

For children we sell special childrens hanging chairs, just a tad smaller than the regular models so that children can sit comfortably in our hanging chairs as well. Our childrens hanging chairs are also suitable for adults up to about 1.65 m tall and have a carrying capacity of 100 kg.

Mounting your hanging chair
 The length of the chains that are attached to our childrens hanging chairs are suitable for a standard ceiling up to 2.70 m. But if you like a different chain length because your ceiling is higher, just let us know. As all houses can be constructed differently, we advise you to check first with your local hardware store to determine wether your ceiling can carry the weight of your hanging chair with a person relaxing in it. They can also advise what swinging hook you should use. Our strong advice is to bring some expertise in at the place where you would like to hang your chair. Prefer no holes in your ceiling? Choose one of our hanging chair stands!  

Childrens hanging chair accessories

Style your childrens hanging chair with a luxurious Texel sheepskin rug or with some stylish cushions, or both! Moodadventures sells unique and often handmade home accessories, with an everchanging collection and a keen eye on the latest trends. We are constantly looking for new acquisitions, that excel in originality and quality. That way we can guarantee that if you buy something from our webshop you are assured of buying something unique every time, right here at Moodadventures.