Hanging Chair The Vibe Light Rattan

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Hanging Chair The Vibe Light Rattan

The hanging chair is designed in a way that you have a nice armrest for ultimate comfort. This way you can relaxed and read a book in your favorite spot. The open-work gives a spacial effect. The Moodadventures Hanging Chairs have a carrying capacity of 200 kg, so they are very strong and sturdy!

The chairs are suitable for indoors, rattan is a natural product and therefore subject to weather conditions. You can place your chair outside, but keep in mind that it is covered in bad weather, or better yet, place the chair under a roof or awning. 

When ordering the hanging chair you will get a metal chain for your ceiling ( max height 2,70 m.), a spring (for extra comfort), and a carabiner. We do not deliver a ceiling hook.

If you want any advice, we are happy to help! Send an e-mail to: info@moodadventures.nl and we will see what we can do! 

Please note: We can only ship these items to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

- Light Rattan (The Vibe)

Dimensions hanging chair: 
- 110 cm (h) 67 cm (w) 56 cm (d)

Material hanging chair:
- 100% Rotan

Max weight cappacity:
- 200 kg

- Suitable for adults and children.
- Indoors. Keep in mind that the chair can be placed outside but must be coverd in bad weather conditions.
- The chair comes with metal chain, a spring and a carabiner. Ceiling hook not included.

Additional Information


The Moodadventures hanging chairs are available in different models. All these models are personally designed by us and each have their specific characteristics.

The hanging chairs have a bohemian look and are perfect in every living- and bedroom. Style the hanging chair with a beautiful sheepskin or some nice cushions and a plaid and your living space will immediately get a warm look. The perfect place to read a book and relax!

All our chairs have an exclusive Dutch design and made of 100 % natural rattan. Rattan is a natural product, which is why the hanging chair from Moodadventures is also sustainable. The design not only takes into account that they must have perfect comfort, but also the carrying capacity and the natural appearance are of importance. Our chairs are available in different colors. You can choose black or white, but also natural shades.

Unique to our hanging chairs is that they have a carrying capacity of up to 200 kg due to the sturdy use of materials! Due to the high carrying capacity of the hanging chairs, they are suitable for everyone. As for tall people, children or a parent with a child.

In addition to the regular hanging chairs, we also have children's hanging chairs. These hanging chairs are also made of natural rattan but are a bit more compact in size. They are ideal for a nursery or in the living room. These hanging chairs for children also have a high carrying capacity of no less than 100 kg!

In addition, you can choose to hang the hanging chair from the ceiling or from a stand. The advantage of the hanging chair on a stand is that you can easily move it. We supply a ceiling chain and a spring with the individual hanging chair.

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Hanging Chair The Vibe Light Rattan

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