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This spacious Minecraft Pencil case with zipper is very nice to take to school!

The case contains 1 compartment.

Dimensions: 23x15 cm.

Get stuff organized!
The case, who doesn't know him ?! You can use them for all kinds of different things and they are available in many colors, designs, materials, shapes etc. From purple to red, from dots to floral print, from Fortnite to My Little Pony, you can't imagine it so badly or you can find a case with it.

We see the case mainly at school to store pens or craft supplies. In this way you can lose your pens, markers, markers, scissors and pencils in a fun way. In addition, it is a great advantage that you can choose a case that suits you! Are you going for a round or a rectangular one, a large one or a small one, a pink one or a green one? The choice is entirely yours!

Do you prefer to use the pouch to do your personal care on the go? That is of course also possible! For example, store your brush, mascara or eye pencil in it or a comb and a nice perfume for men. That way you are always good to go!

Cases are incredibly handy organizers. Not just for personal care or creative purposes. Consider, for example, your earplugs, how nice would it be if you no longer had to take them out of your knot and grab them, or have your most commonly used cards ready for you?

Handy! Many cases have compartments. This is ideal for separating things in your case. For example, you can keep your pens separate from your pencils or keep your favorite color marker separate.

In short, everyone can use a case! Cases are suitable for all ages and come in handy for everyone, for whatever purpose. Use several (different) cases to, for example, separate pens from pencils or markers from stabilizers.

Tip: Perfect gift for every age! Nice to give AND receive!

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Minecraft Pencil Case Blocks

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