Bracelet Natural Stone Labradorite Brown Wax Cord


Bohemian Bracelet Natural Stone Labradorite

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This beautiful waxcord bracelet has a Natural Stone called Labradorite. 

The cord of the bracelet is 80 cm long and has three closures, so one size fits all! 
You wrap the waxcord a few times around your wrist for a beautiful wrapbracelet effect! 

Labradorite is a strong, protective and spiritual stone. It protects your energy ( your aura ) against negative influences from your surroundings and the people that take away your energy. The stone reduces fear and gives strength, (self)confidence and perseverance. It makes your intuition and mediumistic gifts stronger. The stone makes contact with your subconscious and makes you remember forgotten memories. Labradorite stimulates your imagination and creativity and helps to create new ideas. The stone has a hypotensive and sooting effect, it regulates metabolism and has a positive effect on colds, gout, rheumatism, the eyes and an irregular menstruation and menstrual symptoms.

The stone has different colors in different light, such as turquoise, light green and soft brown. 


Natural Stone Labradorite
Stainless steel

Dimensions Waxcord:
80 cm

Dimensions Stone:
About 1,2 cm wide
About 1 cm high

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