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This Masking Tape set comes in a handy metal box with a lid. The box contains 27 sheets of Masking Tape with a variety of different prints! Each sheet is printed in a way that it is ready-to-use!

You can endlessly stay creative with these Masking Tapes. They are perfect for your Bullet Journal, Scrapbook, Agenda or Notebook! 
Decorate your bike, your textbook for school or that lovely card you are about to send to your aunt!
They are ideal for DIY's, labeling jars or to wrap up gifts!

You can create or do everything with Masking Tape. The tape is writable and is easy to remove without damaging your paper or leaving glue rests.

Dimensions per sheet:

Thick strip: 1,5 cm (W) x 6,5 cm (L)

Thin strip: 0,8 cm (W) x 6,5 cm (L)

Ofcourse you can cut the strip shorter if you like! 

The Masking tape has free shipment and if you order this set before 16 PM, you will receive your package the next day

Additional Information

DIY with washi tape!

Washi tapes are an hot item. It is the trend of this moment and personalizes all your belongings.

Washi tapes, also called masking tape, are tapes made from paper, this makes it a durable product. They are available in various colors, sizes, widths, prints and themes. This provides a variety of possibilities and there is always a washi tape that suits you!

The tape is very easy to use and sticks to almost any surface. You can tear off the tape easily and even write on it! After removing the tape, it leaves no sticky residue and can be used again.

You can do anything with this fun tape. You can pimp your journal or photo album and make it personal, but you can also decorate your room by making words or figures on the wall or hang nice pictures on the wall with the washi tape... With washi tape you can do a variety of creative things! For example fold the tape around a rope, so you can make a mini flag line with it, you can use it on a card or in a bullet journal, but also to decorate your room. This is how you make a party every day. You can also personalize your bullet journal, pack presents and packages for a birthday or Christmas, decorate your keyboard, create bookmarks, decorate cards, decorate your textbooks, cover things up, mark cables and keys, make photo frames and planners on the wall, pimp your phone case, decorate wax candles, and so on ...

In short, washi tape gives you endless possibilities and makes the simple or boring things just a bit more fun. Looking for more ideas? Search on Pinterest or YouTube on 'Masking tape' or 'Washi tape' and there is always a nice idea for you!

Tip: washi tape is the perfect gift for a creative person!

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Masking Tape Fabric Print 27 Sheets

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